The Brazilian Institute of Ear Surgery is an Institution of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for correction of the multiple congenital deformities of the ear (from the birth) and also after traumatic amputation, as well as of other segments of the body.

The imperfections of the ears are a complex physical deformities and their repair or reconstructions demand several surgical stages which are constant challenge in Plastic Surgery. It is a reconstructive procedure of the ear and it is not aesthetic operation.

The congenital anomalies of the auricles are resulting of alterations in the structures of the genes responsible for the development of the ear, and other organs. They are not yet well known the embryonic mechanisms that they determine the emergence of the imperfections of the ear, but it is known that genes exist with specific functions to promote the beginning, the formation and the growth of the organ during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. They are current deformities of genetic alterations, but they are not hereditary transmission. Therefore the parents should not fell guilty by the anomaly because they happen by the way. It is very rare two brothers or sisters to present similar imperfections.


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